The two brother Krados hold the mighty power of the magical Axe. Problem is they only have one for the two of them. 

Krados is a Coop platformer puzzle game in which both players share only one tool, in this case an axe as you probably figured out. 

Each player can recall the axe in their hands and use it to interact with the environment by throwing it. Destroy walls, activate levers and plant this mighty axe in wood to create platforms,

---- Team members ----

Suliac Blineau : Programmer 

Maxime Taisant : Programmer 

Alexis Beguigné : Game & Level Design 

Salomé : Game & Level Design 

SanchoVII : Level Design & Art

Farookie : Art 

The whole team : Sound


Krados Windows 20 MB


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Nice game with smart system of cooperation !